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How Star Wars revolutionized special effects again. How can I evolve with technology?

Where I will be going next week

Next week at this time I will be attending Star Wars Celebration on Saturday.

Star Wars Celebration Logo

Yet as I make preparations, an ill wind blows in the film industry…

What CGI advancements have been made?

4 years ago, people were wondering how Star Wars would revolutionize special effects once again. Unfortunately, it has become apparent how they would. CGI actors.

You see, in Rogue One there were two cases where CGI were used to either resurrect a dead actor, or make an actor look younger. Peter Cushing’s character of Governor, or Grand Moff Tarkin, was resurrected using a body double and digital motion capture alterations to his face in order to make the actor on screen look like Peter Cushing. The same techniques were also used to make Carrie Fisher’s character, Princess Leia, look nearly 40 years younger, shortly before Carrie Fisher passed away.

After Carrie died, as a fan it left a big hole in my love for such an iconic franchise. I felt like that after what they did with Han Solo in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, they would do the same thing to Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. However, recent developments showed that this was only hogwash.

Carrie Fisher to Appear in Final ‘Star Wars’ Movie, Her Brother Reveals

Carrie Fisher’s brother gave the go ahead for LucasFilm Ltd to use Carrie Fisher’s likeness in Star Wars Episode IX. That means a body double and digital motion capture alterations to make the actress look like Princess Leia. These tactics, however, give me a feeling that LucasFilm Ltd wants to send a message to the industry that actors and actresses aren’t needed for movies anymore, that they could just animate everything. If you feel that way, then maybe you should just create more Disney animated features like Frozen.

Frozen poster

However, even though they have taken to using digital technology to recreate dead actors or making actors still alive look younger, they still are taking a much more grounded approach to these movies, using practical effects as much as they can. They may have ditched miniatures, but this time, the current Star Wars movies have more realistic special effects than those featured in the prequel trilogy, which went overboard with the CGI, as a lot of people claim.

Where I went irrational

I have also taken this to an irrational level in my thoughts, sometimes thinking that Disney (the company that owns LucasFilm Ltd.), wants to take away my full stack web development job at one of the largest retailers in North America and replace me with a robot. I then go back to reality, and find out that this is not true. I found next to nothing online about robots taking full stack web development jobs, only a bunch of job openings for full stack web development.

Then I talked about this with my boss, which she told me that robots have their limitations and are not designed for software engineering. She also told me that there will be a lot more technology jobs in the future. Recently, when I watched a NCAA basketball game, I saw this commercial:

Dad told me after we saw this commercial that there will be more tech jobs than there are people to fill them. That means that since America is lagging behind in science, people from other nationalities take the jobs. This is why many of the people I work with are from countries like India and Iran.

My boss told me that since there are so many tech jobs out there, it will be hard for companies to keep up. She also stated that there are regulations that have to be overcome to put drones in the air. Drones, of course, being something that people claim will take away jobs, can’t deliver large heavy items, and anything that flies in the air needs to be approved before taking off.

How I can become better

As technology improves and becomes more automated, I need to improve along with it. The Verizon commercial I showed you with Lebron James says something about where things are headed. The first kid in that commercial wants to be an actress, yet there is far more technology jobs than acting jobs. Acting jobs usually come by auditions. It’s the people working behind the scenes that usually have more job openings than the people starring in a movie or TV show, or promoting a product. 90% of show business people are behind the camera. These include any and all movie tech people, and that’s what this Verizon commercial is talking about. There is no animation button on a computer. The skills of the technology people make the animation possible.

As a result, I should learn new frameworks, learn new algorithms, and follow technology trends. This includes VR (Virtual Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence)

IT forever, please?