Star Wars Celebration, here I come!

I am happy to announce that I will be headed to the Star Wars Celebration convention in Orlando, FL on April 15, 2017.

The movies have always been a special part of my childhood growing up. On the series 40th anniversary, this convention will be happeningĀ celebrating that series. More informationĀ about what’s happening at the convention and who’s appearing here:

I can only go on Saturday, April 15. I never got any 4 day passes because they’re all sold out. Saturday would be the best day to go to this convention. Also, since there are thousands of people attending, the best way to get autographs is through pre-sales. The website managing tickets for autographs and photo-ops can be found here:

I am getting autographs through pre-sales in order to avoid so much of the long lines to get to the autograph stand. Since there is a price for these autographs and photo-ops, I have to pay extra to get both an autograph and a photo op. I won’t be going Friday to see the trailer for the new Star Wars movie because I can easily view it online.

I can easily afford these autographs and photo ops because I’m a software developer and I make good money so I can afford fun vacation stuff. I will be arriving in Orlando on Friday morning, where I will drop by DisneyWorld. Disney happens to be the company that owns LucasFilm Ltd, the company that makes the Star Wars movies.

Going to this convention will make me feel like I’m in one of these movies. Seeing all the people dressed up, it will make me feel like I’m either a Rebel Alliance person or an Imperial soldier.

Tagging along with me is my Dad, who will help pay for the hotel and the plane tickets. Even though he’s paying, that doesn’t leave me out of paying. I will pay for the convention passes and the single-day passes to DisneyWorld, along with some of the autographs that I want.

I am such a big Star Wars fan, I really can’t wait to go to this convention with me. May the Force be with me, always!