Jordan White’s last post for 2016 – Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Jordan White

My last post of 2016. The big question on my mind is this. Why have I had such a spectacular year this year while the world around me claims it was a terrible one filled with death and violence and unsettling outcomes? Death is horrible, but it was my last semester in college in Fall 2015 where I experienced it personally when three of my closest friends and family died in that time frame. 2016 was different for me and my family.

After I graduated from college last December, I moved on to a prosperous career in computer programming. My first job didn’t work out like I planned, so I left for better opportunities. I started my current job this December, and so far it is working out.

How I’ve Grown this Year

Over the course of this year, I’ve grown in so many ways that other people would find it hard to believe that this could happen to someone with autism like myself. I learned about preventing distractions, workplace etiquette, knowing what is socially and age appropriate to talk about, staying focused on the task I am doing, and finally learning new languages and frameworks that will come in handy when I develop applications.

The only thing I feel sad about from this year is my generation and how often they turn to hate and violence to express their feelings, often becoming online trolls. They whine about events that aren’t relevant in their life, and I make that mistake sometimes too because of irrational thinking. Some of these dead celebrities they’ve never even met. A new Republican president is not the precise end of the world. It is not worth committing suicide on. 3,000 people did not die when the new president was elected. 3,000 people died on 9/11.

How do I feel about this?

To me, a mass death is worse than a new king taking the place of an old king. If something does not turn out the way I want it, I do feel sick to my stomach, sad, and nervous, but I never commit violence or rant harshly on social media because I have good parents who have taught me this year to control what I put on social media and to help me better control my emotions.

On one of my last year’s New Years Resolutions, I have brought my weight down, but it is usually the holidays where I gain weight because of all the good food they serve at family gatherings. In 2017, I want to value life more than these other people who like to whine and complain on social media. I want to have amazing things happen and I want to always know that God is in control and nothing is a mystery to Him. Here are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. They always come in 10s:

New Year’s Resolutions 2017

(EDIT: Dad suggests better options for vacation time other than Los Angeles or San Francisco because I can only do 2 weeks of vacation at the moment.)

(EDIT: Dad told me to prioritize my New Year’s Resolutions.)

1. Pray that the Holy Spirit will assure me that my faith in Jesus Christ as Savior for my sins is real and that when I die, I will go to heaven.

2. Make new friends.

3. Stop thinking irrational thoughts.

4. Be able to take better care of myself.

5. Get good at full stack web development.

6. Bring my weight down to 165 lbs (I’m not a football player).

7. Go to Star Wars Celebration Orlando for Saturday and Sunday.

8. Go to a place for a White Christmas (Jackson, WY being the most likely place).

9. Make a Super 8mm home movie of a family event.

10. Be a walk on extra in a big movie.

What do I think about these resolutions?

2, 9, and 10 I feel are the most important. I think 2 would be the most important to me right now because I want to be able to hold on to life. When I make new friends, I get to treasure the lives of those around me, and not have to feel sick to my stomach about some celebrity dying. Also, when I make new friends, I gain more supporters for my own success in life, as well as future endeavors that I want to be a part of.

10 would be important to my parents because they want me to be totally independent, and because they want me to be independent, they are helping me to make better choices with what I buy and how I take care of the place I live, and how I control myself and my emotions in tense situations. So on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day of 2017, I really should thank them. From me and my family to yours, Happy New Year and I wish you a prosperous 2017!